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    package and Deployment

    rahimhaji Level 1
      Dear Friends,
      i have done an air application, when i am packaging and deploying my application, i want to add a setting.txt file when it installing into client system, if setting.txt is not there, it has to write into the system. if the user reinstalling the updated version of my application, it should not install (overwrite) the settings.txt to user compter, other items has to install except setting.txt. is there any way? pls help me i got struck up... if i finish this my application will come to a shape... the same thing is there in setup factory, overwrite option.. pls help here.. i have to finish my project...

      Thanks and Regards,
      Syed Abdul Rahim
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          flexstone Level 1
          I have the same requirement which I solved by using the creationDate property of the target files/directory.

          var appStoreFile:File = File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath('myFile.txt')
          // create the file

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            rahimhaji Level 1
            Dear Mr.Flexstone,

            Thks for ur reply. i need to install my settings.txt, while installing (i mean, while double click on the air file-deployed one). if i write manually like this, when iam uninstalling, this settings.txt file will not delete, this will create a problem again user installing my updated version of same air application. please give me a solution.. any of my friends...

            Thanks and Regards,
            Syed Abdul Rahim