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    Bind Datagrid to Linechart

    jjay@aus Level 1
      Hi, I am a CF developer starting to dabble in Flex. So far I love it, but am stuck on something that I thought would be a lot easier. (or maybe it is, but I have overcomplicated it). I would have thought this a rather common requirement in Flex apps, so maybe I am totally missing something here.

      I have populate a Datagrid with data from an XML feed, and want to bind a linechart to the selectedItem of the Datagrid. I was able to do this easy enough with mx:TextInput, but I have been on a wild goose chase through livedocs trying to get this to work with the linechart.

      A linechart is populate using an ArrayCollection.. fine, but I can't find anywhere how to bind that ArrayCollection (or the linechart directly) to the selectedItem of the DataGrid. I am wondering still if there is an easier way to bind the Gridchart and Linechart.

      Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction.