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    Tooltip doesn't show with own component

    Ward_Loockx Level 1

      I have my own component that paints some rectangles to a canvas. Now the problem is that I can't see the tooltip over my object. Here is wat I do

      var record:SessionRecord = new SessionRecord();
      record.height = TIMELINEHEIGHT;
      record.width = data.SESSION_TIME*TIMELINE_SECOND;
      record.y = yCanvasPointer/2;
      record.toolTip = "blabjdsqodhqhjiouqh";
      record.enabled = true;

      I've implemented the get/set method of the tooltip in my component class (actionscript class).

      public override function get toolTip():String
      return this.tooltipText;

      public override function set toolTip(value:String):void
      this.tooltipText = value;

      Anybody any idea ?