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    Trying to load a javascript link from text file into a dynamic textfile

    fanmap81 Level 1
      Can anyone help me with this problem? Im trying to load in a newsfeed from freshcontent.net into my text field. If i put this javascript link on an html page, the page shows correctly, which is im supposed to get 3 dynamic links with news content headlines. Please view the link to see what i mean:


      Now, i cannot get this same type of display behavior in my text field if i just paste into my text file the javascript link thats supposed to bring up the 3 headlines. It is my understanding, that flash cannot do this without some sort of specific actionscripting, that involves asfusion, and/or externalInterface. Im not sure exactly how to go about setting this up to make this work. My current code looks like this:
      If anybody could tell me where im going wrong and what i should change in order to get the desired result im going for, Id very much appreciate it. Thanks