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    Loading external swf in a scrollpan

      Hello everyone.

      I have an issue that I am hoping someone can help me with.

      I am displaying an external diagram picture (swf) in a main scroll pan using AS2.0. I want to load some external objects (swf) on top of the diagram from another object scroll pan.

      My problem is when I am drag & drop the object from object scroll pan to main scroll pan the diagram picture get disappears. Please check following code.

      When I am loading the external swf object then the scroll pan is just loading 1 object at a time and not allowing to move the object.

      The external objects are not working so I have also tried with internal library, So when I am loading the objects from internal library then also it is removing the diagram.

      I appreciate any help.

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          clbeech Level 3
          well sorry alvin - but I'm afraid there are several things wrong here. most prevalent are:

          1) in the Controls statement - the 'position' var should be an initObject

          2) Arrays in Flash are not associative in type and are 'ordered' arrays - you cannot specify a 'string' in the index accessor and this must be a number

          a few other things as well but these are the biggest issues.