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    Movie clip play control help

      Please help...i need to control my movie clip during roll over and release state.

      On roll over i want the movie clip to stop on the current frame and on release state it should play again.

      I attached a sample code I used but it doesn't work....help pls.


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          2m Level 2
          The most likely cause for you problem lies in the scope of "this" in your case.

          While traitional flash5 style buttons would have the imeline in which they reside (e. g. the main timeline) as scope and a comand like
          on (release){
          wouls stop he playhead of the main timeline.

          Where as the more modern form of attaching code to a button and the explicit use of this handles buttons like movieClips so that a command like:

          myButton.onRelease = function(){

          will try to stop the buttons (= movieclips) own timeline.

          I hope that helps

          [This fact isn't stated clearly in the docs, but I at least asked Macromedia (back then) to add it at least to the live docs.]
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            piksel8 Level 1
            it was the answer to my problem...many thanks to you !!!