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    Simple feature request for PB IDE

    T Beddard Level 1
      With the PB IDE on the Mac there are a few frustrating quirks with using the code editor:
      * Numeric keypad doesn't work at all
      * Usual OSX keyboard shortcuts (like cmd + arrow keys to move to the line start/ends etc) don't work
      * Horizontal scrolling with mighty mouse wheel doesn't work
      * Not much vertical room to edit long filters.

      A really simple solution round all these issues would be a preference option to automatically detect changes to the filter and reload the code in the IDE. Then we could use our editor of choice, save, switch back to PB and just click Run to see the result.

      A bonus feature would be the ability to hook into the filter execution via applescript so that all editing and filter preview could be triggered directly from something like Textmate :)
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          the chuck
          yeah, seriously. Why the F doesn't the number pad work? Are you guys coding this app on laptops without number pads?

          Amen to using TextMate! except that someone would have to make a bundle for PB syntax
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            Kevin Goldsmith Level 3
            thanks for the suggestions.

            The reason why that stuff isn't working as you might expect is that we are using an open source xplat UI toolkit for the PB Toolkit and certain stuff is definitely lacking. I'll see about improving the code editor for the next major rev.

            Keep the suggestions coming!
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              T Beddard Level 1
              Here are some more:

              * More options for specifying the order/grouping of the controls. Some of the filters I have been working on have 10-20 parameters and it can be quite confusing when the controls always get placed alphabetically.
              * On OSX when there are more controls than the window space (so you get a vertical scrollbar) sometimes the controls don't get rendered back on screen properly when scrolling the panel. You have to resize the entire window for it to correct the positions.
              * Manual text input on the controls can be tricky in certain situations - for instance if a parameter has a min-max range 5 - 15, then if you try to manually enter 10 it won't let you because as soon as you enter 1 it will reset it to 5!
              * A fine adjust option on the sliders would be nice - for instance holding ctrl while dragging would change the parameter value at 1/10 rate as normal (like is standard in AfterEffects)
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                Kevin Goldsmith Level 3
                More good suggestions, I'm adding in bugs to our DB for everything here. Won't be fixed for the next toolkit release (which should be soon), but most should be in the next major release after.