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    Flash Slide Presentations

      Not that I really expect any help in this somewhat lame forum, but I've discovered that Adobe instructions for the most simple tasks that people need to perform with their software (like Flash) are either buried or completely missing.

      All I'm trying to do is create a simple slide presentation with a simple NEXT button that appears on every screen. However, the images I place on the slides completely cover up the buttons, making them useless unless I move the image above or below the image. That's retarded.

      Of course, there's nothing in the help menu to address this problem. That's even more retarded.
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          so as i understand it you have everything on one layer? If you put your buttons on a different layer on top of your images then it will show.. And I know how you feel about adobe directions sometimes but the forums do help.. although sometimes i dont get an answer until after i've already figured it out!! lol - but does that answer your question at all??
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            keyon333 Level 1
            Hi FRS...
            My Flash 8 Pro software seems to have a special slide-presentation feature that should let me make quick & easy slide shows...without using the timeline layers. Yes, you're right, the whole thing resides on a single layer. But somehow they've got it set up to work like PowerPoint. You start with sort of a master template (presentation slide) and that's where the navigation buttons go. Then below that you add individual "child" slides, each of which include whatever objects you've placed in the master slide. The objects are there all right, but when I try adding content to the individual slides, the content always goes on top of everything, covering up the whatever buttons or objects I've added to my master slide. Just not supposed to work that way.

            The help docs make it seem like presentation slides should be one of the easiest things to do in Flash...as easy as making powerpoint slides. Something isn't right.

            Thanks for your help. Sorry I'm grouchy. I've just blown three hours trying to solve this stupid problem.
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              FRS_Industries Level 1
              i've never used the templates before so i cant really help u there :( Hopefully you get it all figured out!
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                keyon333 Level 1
                I suppose I need to go spend $50 on a book that's written by someone who understands how to use the program. Adobe certainly doesn't. What's up with them anyway? This isn't the first gripe I've had with Adobe support. Believe me, I've been on the phone with them numerous times, and to my amazement they've told me completely false information about their software products. Just unbeliveable. It's too bad because I like what the Adobe developers are doing. They just need to get better at communicating with their customers.