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    Multiple Concurrent Users

      We provide online educational applications to schools and use Java2D and jxta for P2P. Think of it as a combo on education with mini-game like environment. A large activity may contain over 200 questions and approach 200MB in audio and images.

      We use Peer2Peer (jxta) to download jars to one student ... then the other (~35) students download from the first student. This is to reduce bandwidth strain on DSL or T-1 pipe often running on older (i.e., slower) PC equipment.

      We are looking at Flex. Our application is dynamic in the sense that the next "scene/question" will vary depending on how a student answers a question. That is, it is not a straight, linear "video" ... but an interactive Q&A session. We read that Flex supports "streaming".

      QUESTION -- Is this "streaming" only for linear "video" clips ... or can it act as "lazy loading" whereby a student just begins downloading what he needs at the moment without trying to download clips he will not need until later?

      ALSO, I can see how this streaming would be great for one user ... but how would it work if there were 36 users/students all trying to "stream" through the same relatively small pipe (DSL or T-1)?

      Or is there some way to "cache" these audio/image resources so that the first student downloads it, and remaining students do not do remote download from server, but download from first student ... i.e., P2P-like?

      BOTTOM LINE -- Would Flex "streaming" work on a DSL or T-1 for 36 simultaneous users/students trying to pull down a lot of MBs of audio and image resources?
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          Michael Borbor Level 4
          As far as I know flex has the ability to reproduce streaming video, but you need Flash Media Server, that is the one that actually provides the streming services. And it runs as a service in your host server and it responses any request you can even broadcast live audio and video.