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    I need to redirect during onload

      I have a flash swf system that links to another flash "form.swf". I want to create a new form.swf that instead opens a file form.html when it is called. I am new to flash action scripts, but have a lot of experience with other scripting languages. If I had the source to the calling program, I would change the link, but alas....

      I figured the next best way is to create an onload event handler in a new form.swf that opens form.html.

      Can you offer any suggestions?
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          Your replacement form.swf could be as simple as an empty movie with just
          in a frame script space.

          However, while this will get the new html doc on the user's screen, there may be more code in the opener swf that needs to be managed. There may be some code in there that is waiting for the form to be sent, or dismissed, or there may be some code that is waiting for that form.swf to be closed. You'll have to try it and see what happens.

          There are many Flash decompilers available for Flash as2 files. If these movies are your intellectual property then you could use one of these tools to decompile the movie and fix the problem at the source.