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    Shared Libraries

      I am working on 3 different projects right now and all of them I am including a .as file that has alot of generic functions that I reuse. How do I make this a shared library when I cannot specify 1 url as the projects wont be on the same server and wont have access to the web?

      How do I make a shared library file so when I build a project it pulls in the specified file for deployment without me having to manually update a copy of the source .as file.

      Frusterated. please enlighten me!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          a shared library would include library assets like movieclips and fonts etc. sharing an as file amoung various applications is done just like you are doing. you supply a path to your as file and you publish. the as file assets are included in your published swf.

          if you don't want to repeatedly specify the path to your as file(s), change your publish settings to include the path to your class: file/publish settings/flash/settings and navigate to or enter your classpath.