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    where is the cache location?


      i have the following problem - when i start my application (from the Builder) i have the old version (previous) of my swf file. I think the problem that this swf file was cached from my browser or?

      How i can clear the cache?
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          SujitG Level 2
          First see if there are any errors in your project. Cause if there are any errors in your project, Flex Builder will not generate new SWF. For clearing the cache from the browser, in Firefox Tools->Clear Private Data and select Cache and the clear. in IE Tools->Internet Options -> Delete Files.

          Hope this helps.
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            I ran into the similar problem. I had to include the below meta tag in the html file to keep the .swf content synced to the clients all the time. Our users did not like it, but they are living with it as I could not find an alternative. Not sure why the flashplayer is not able to recognize the .swf content on the server changed and bring it down and don't know if this is a browser limitation (and looks like all have it).


            For some reason, the above work around is not working for users behind a firewall.