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    Search function doesn't work in RoboHelp 7

      I used to use RoboHelp X3 to create webHelp for Simplified Chinese and everying is working well.
      Recently, I changed to use RoboHelp 7 as it supports Simplified Chinese.

      I downloaded the trail version of RoboHelp 7 (for English windows) and follow the same way (i.e click "generat the primary layout for webhelp") as with RH X3 to create a webHelp. After done, I view the output and frustrated to see neither index is created nor search works (no topic found when search any word).

      My question is
      1. Will index not created automatically this way? Do I have to run "smart index wizard" to genearte index?
      2. I really have no idea why search funtion doesn't work at all. Is it becasue this is a trial RH verson or is any of my setting or step incorrect?

      Thanks for anyone's kind help or tip. I studied a lot and still couldn't find out the reason.