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    Two versions of Robo on one machine

    hughbetcha Level 1
      I have RoboInfo 5 and RoboHelp 7 installed on my computer. RoboInfo publishes to RoboEngine on Win 2000 server. RoboHelp 7 publishes to RoboHelp 7 Server on Windows 2003 server.

      I recently upgraded to a newer computer. We re-installed RoboHelp and then later installed RoboInfo again. Since doing this, I'm not able to publish our RoboHelp projects. The server crashed, and so far we haven't been able to get it going again.

      Don't know if it had anything to do with re-installing the software, but I think I remember reading somewhere in the forums about conflicts that can arise between two versions of Robo on the same machine. Is this a possibility, and is it recommended that they be installed on different machines?

      It is interesting that now in my RoboHelp projects folder, the .xpj project icons show the RoboInfo icon, not the RH7 icon (and RoboInfo was installed last).