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    can someone help with AS2

      Hello, I am creating a website for an artist and she complains that nothing works. Mainly the embedded links (URLs). I tested the site in MSEI7 and the links work fine (but NOT in Firefox 2). I don't have a MacBook, and the one she has she says is pretty old, and doesn't know the version of Safari. The issue is that before the links worked fine, but then when I re-published the Flash SWF file the links wouldn't work on her Mac, but on Windows.
      Here is the site address http://www/butterflybaby-la.com.

      My question is can anyone here please go to the site and tell me if you can navigate the links and if they activate? The links are butterflybaby LA, edenSTD, blog, *click here for my est*y, and when you click peep my gallery you'll see two buttons for URL links to the gallery. If anyone has ever built a Flash site for the Mac can you help me to figure out why in some cases the links work on the Mac but not Windows and vice versa. This is pissing me off. I'm asking here and not a Flash dev site because I want input from people who use the same computer she does. And from I can tell Windows users use Flash and mac users use QuickTime. The ActionScript is basic URL embedding, nothing fancy. I used a combination of gotoURL(" http://www.domain.com");, then gotoURL(" http://www.domain.com", "_self");, gotoURL(" http://www.domain.com", _parent");, and gotoURL(" http://www.domain.com", "_blank");. All with mixed resluts, but none would work on BOTH Mac and Windows (and on Windows not BOTH Firefox and MSIE). The profile is set for Flash Player 8, but so what it should still work for FP9.


      BTW - I'm using Macromedia (Not Adobe) Flash Professional 8.0. butterflybaby-la Text