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    goto beginning (restart)

      Well I just did over an hour worth of searches to not find an answer. I have a flash exercise and within that exersice I have a movie that activates if you fail. It flashes "try again" and has an .onRelease function to take you back to the beginning. Howvever it does not reset the flash. I have tried making the start screen a separate scene and telling the try again to gotoAndStop("Scene 3", 1);, it still won't work. I have tried a variety of ways but still it will only go back to the beginning but not reset the options.
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          What do you mean by reset the flash and reset the options? If you have properties of objects or variable values that are changed during the play of your movie, these will not be altered if you move the playback head back to the first frame of the main timeline. If you want to change the value of a property or a variable at some point in the movie, you'll have to keep track of that information and then make the changes yourself when you move the playback head back to the first frame.