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    Simple Flash

      Ok, I made a simple flash and it is not working properly. I have something appearing and disappearing and I want that to loop so I only have it appear and disappear once. What it is is a word with a colored rectangle behind it, they are separate images and I have tried putting them on the same layer and on different layers and still what happens is only the rectangle will appear and disappear but the word will not. It works fine in the actual flash program but if I open the swf file on my computer it doesnt work..so therefore it doesnt work when I put it on a website. (dreamweaver)
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          Do you have the url with the swf file on so we can see it? If you only want it to appear and disappear once then you have to put a keyframe at the end with a stop action in it. as for the appearing and disappearing i would need to know how your making them disappear (just deleting them, fading them, going off the screen?) and to see the swf would help too
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            DreamChristine Level 1
            I know seeing the swf would help but I dont have it on web to give you url. However I can answer your other questions. What do you mean by a stop action? I have one key frame where it appears (frame 5) it just plain appears, just plopped it in no effects. At frame 10 I have it disappear by just deleting it, no effects again, just plain and simple. However, originally I did have more effects..and it still hadnt worked. (text blurred away and then I deleted it in a separate keyframe and on a different layer I have different text blur in starting in the same frame as the other text disappeared..what it did there is the first text would blur away just fine but the second text wouldnt blur in at all) And in both these instances they work just fine in the actually Flash program..its just when I open the swf file from the folder or when I put it on Dreamweaver.
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              clbeech Level 3
              ok - FRS is correct here - if you want it just play through once and then stop then you will need to place a 'stop' action on the last frame just after the text and box disappear. so here's what you do -

              create a new layer in the file above the others name it 'actions' - right click the frame just after the frame where it disappears (frame 11) and select 'insert keyframe' - now with that frame selected open the 'actions' panel (F9) or under the 'window' menu - and type: stop(); <--just like that - done! now the file will play through once and stop.
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                DreamChristine Level 1
                But it doesnt even play through once. The text doesnt appear and reappear, only the rectangle does. But it works fine while in flash, and I dont want it to stop, I want it to loop, I want the entire time you are on the site for it to appear and disappear. The problem is though the text will not appear and reappear, it will in the flash program but not if I open it from the file or when I put it in dreamweaver. It loops just fine too, the rectangle anyways, just not the text. All I want to know is why when I export my movie the text wont appear and disappear, thats it.
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                  clbeech Level 3
                  sounds like you have a 'dynamic' textField - because in a dynamic field the text often wont appear unless you 'embed' it. select the textField on the Stage - and look in the properties panel, in the upper left there's a comboBox - make sure it's on 'static'.
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                    DreamChristine Level 1
                    It is on static already, its default. Is nothing else special you need to do to make text appear properly? I took a web design class just this semester and we mainly worked with flash and everything we put on websites worked just fine but I dont remember putting up anything with text... so I am new to that I guess.. wouldnt think youd gotta do anything special with it though.
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                      clbeech Level 3
                      well you don't. there must be something you're doing wrong. please post a link to your file.
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                        DreamChristine Level 1
                        I feel dumb asking but how do I post a link to a file on my computer?
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                          I think the idea was that you'd upload the file to your web server and then post the link.
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                            clbeech Level 3
                            yes that's correct - but first zip the file - this will cause it to be downloadable - then upload to your server and post a link here to the address of the file.
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                              DreamChristine Level 1
                              Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I got the link however. And, it is slightly different than what I had explained. The rectangle isn't behind the "SOLD" text, but thats because I had been testing if just the SOLD would work without the rectangle..but thats pretty much what I want..if I can figure out how to get the text to show I'll have no prob with the rectangle...that was the only thing that was working anyways...

                              http://obliviontemplars.com/flash/flash.zip http://obliviontemplars.com/flash/flash.zip">http://obliviontemplars.com/flash/flash.zip

                              I just really dont understand why something so simple has to be so difficult...
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                                clbeech Level 3
                                ok - the problem here is that you are using a 'device' font - device fonts cannot be scaled, rotated or have effects or stylings applied. since you have the field rotated this was causing the issue - you can test this by simply typing a word on the same keyframe in the '_typewriter' font - but do not rotate it - and it will show up.

                                you have to options here:
                                1) use a different font
                                2) break apart the textField converting it to a graphic shape - to do so:
                                ctrlB (twice) then with the item still selected - under Modify>Combine Objects>Union
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                                  DreamChristine Level 1
                                  How do you know what is and what isn't a device font? I will definetly try out what you said. I am so glad I finally have a precise response... I sure hope this works.. though since I dont know what is and what isnt a devide font I will try what you said.. however, I had tried to convert the text to a graphic symbol, which didnt work either..but I think that is different than what you had explained.. so here it goes.
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                                    DreamChristine Level 1
                                    OMG it works! Thank you SO much! It's been over a week since I been looking for an answer and I finally got it! Thank you so much! Still would like to know how you know if the font is device though...however it not too important since I know how to do that other thing.

                                    Thanks so much.^^
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                                      CHAOS'|nc. Level 1
                                      Ain't he the flashman. Lol. Thanks a lot cbeech! I ran into a similar issue and thanks god the search found this!
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                                        clbeech Level 3
                                        LOL!!! you're welcome :)

                                        a 'device' font is basically a special font that is kind of 'universally' available on all user systems - so Flash doesn't 'embed' the font in the swf and draws from local resources to construct the typeface. usually a device font is preceded by an underscore, there are three in the Flash font list: _sans, _serif, and _typewriter - they are also only meant for very basic dynamic layouts in a horizontal set only. the advantage of them are that they do not increase file size, and they render well at small sizes. However, they can be 'different' on each users system and may layout in a much different way than you intended when designing.