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    Making "wind"

      Hi everyone, I am trying to make wind in my flash game which i basically sideways gravity. I want the wind to blow from left to right so the player (hero) moves slower going into the wind and faster going with the wind or if he is standing still the wind drifts him to the right. I am having a hard time with this for some reason. My character uses trig to move.

      If anyone can shed some light on the matter I would be grateful. If you need more info I can post more.


      EDIT: Here is the swf in an html page to show everyone what I'm talking about. This swf is old and does not use the EXACT code i posted in the thread but very close. It may look good but the code is not elegant and need fixing.

      Some notes about the game. Click the black box to start, yes, there are boundaries, the timer means nothing right now, do not mind the big drawings except the green square in part of the game and has a working hit test, and the little orange circle towards the bottom follows you once you get in a 200px range.

      LINK: http://www.ravineshomeownersassociation.org/germx.html