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    Word vs FrameMaker

      I work with FrameMaker and try to use RoboHelp (demo version). I have made many tests and the evidence is a very poor graphics conversion, so poor that converting a technical document with just some capture screens becomes unusable !! Previously I have used an old version of WebWorks Pro which has a panel dedicated to the graphics conversion: quality could be precisely setup.
      I have tested the conversion from Word (with the same document converted from FM to RTF format) and the result was much better than from the original FM file.
      If the graphics quality conversion cannot be setup I could not used RoboHelp. I imagine that the others FM users will have the same reaction ...

      Best regards
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          Nicholas_P Level 1
          Nobody uses RoboHelp with FrameMaker ??
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Or nobody has had this problem?

            As someone who monitors the forums daily, all I can advise you is that no other FM users have complained of the quality with images after being exported from FM to RH.

            Are you using the standalone RH and maybe an earlier version of FM than 8?

            I wouldn't suggest loading the trial of the TCS on your production machine but can you do that on another PC?

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              JainVivek Level 1

              There is an issue when RoboHelp imports FrameMaker images. RoboHelp uses a FrameMaker API which is causing this probelm. We are investigating this issue.

              Vivek Jain
              Adobe Systems
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                MergeThis Level 4
                Are you importing the files from a network? If so, copy them to your local machine and see if importing them from there changes anything.

                Good luck,
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                  Nicholas_P Level 1
                  I am using files on my local machine only.
                  My configuration is:
                  PC, Windows XP SP2 french UI (with MS automatic update activated)
                  FrameMaker 8.0 (recently I have had FrameMaker 6.0, 7.1, 7.2 installed and I have removed them now)
                  RH is 7.01001, demo, French UI.
                  The images sizes are fine but resolution are really too poor !
                  Previously and for several years I used Webworks Publisher Professional Edition 6.0 and with this software images formats (jpg, gif ...) AND quality can be fine setup with % of quality. Usually I set them to 50% and images outputs was very good.
                  With RoboHelp resolution is very poor for all type of image sources in FM: .jpg, .psd or FM created graphics.
                  I have made many tests with the same result.

                  Best regards