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    Video Capture

      Is it possible to capture video using Captivate? I know I can capture audio, but can I capture a streaming video?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          No - and yes. Streaming video as in "FLV" ... no. Your output options are SWF (w/ HTM), Word documents, packaged executable (EXE aka "standalone") - most prevalently used.

          But you can record in "Full-motion" mode, which will create a AVI which is in turn converted to a SWF - which is its own slide. It is not recommended as the "primary" method or use of Captivate, but the product will support it. Be careful of filesize, however, because this method can quickly get to large to handle or edit.

          And speking of editing it, you will need the separate FMR (full motion recording) editor. It is free and I don't have the link to it on this computer, but if you need it, try Googling for it and specify the Adobe.com domain - that should find it.

          P.S. Welcome as an active poster to the Captivate User Forums!!
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            jojolina Level 1
            Hi there Larry

            Thanks a stack, didn't even know there was an FMR editor available (have serious RTFM problem )


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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi Andrew

              Yes, Adobe created this editor a while back. The link to the article and the download are below.

              Click here to view the page

              But before anyone grows too excited, please note that all the editor really brings is the capability to slice, dice and splice full motion clips. There aren't any tools that allow manipulating the video itself, such as blurring areas of the screen, controlling the mouse position or anything of that sort. I'm not trying to say it has no value. Just trying to keep your expectations of it in check.

              Cheers... Rick
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                CatBandit Level 3
                You are very welcome Andrew. I appreciate the help and hard work you bring to these forums, and this is definitely a tool that you should be aware of and pass on information about while visiting about problems with full-motion clips. Subject to Captiv8r's cautionary note, it should be of some help to you.