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    Developing a high end website

      My question to anyone who is a advanced web developer is, how do you produce such robust websites like some of those who have won numerous awards for flash websites. What softwares do you use other then flash and how do you incorporate all those different softwares to producing such marvelous websites.

      I'm currently learning dreamweaver 8 and flash 8 and will be using fireworks 8 as well. Are those enough to produce good websites or am I just missing something.

      To give you a example go to this persons website, his website is so robust and clean that it makes me wonder what he used to produce those awsome resutls www.minkipark.com.

      Please, if you can help answer these questions for me I would greatly appreciate it.
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          joeq Level 1
          to paraphrase lance armstrong, it's not about the software.

          in other words, software is a tool - albeit an amazing one - but it's a tool. when it the hands of a great designer, wonderful things can happen. but, without talent, it will only take you so far.

          sorry - there are no shortcuts.