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    Installation issue

      Please help me. I have been having terrible experience with Adobe customer/technical support. I might have called about 20 times - they even charged with $40 for the support - still no help.

      Anyway -

      Problem is

      1. We had a Adobe Robohelp 4.
      2. We upgraded that buying Adobe Technical Communication Suite 1.3
      3. I installed Adobe Technical Communication Suite 1.3 on a laptop about 3-4 months back.
      4. That laptop is completely useless (crashed for some reason).
      5. I'm trying to install Adobe Technical Communication Suite 1.3 on another laptop. BUT I did not have Serial Number noted down somewhere. Serial number was not attached to the back of the CD pack.
      6. Adobe gave me a new serial number ( they took 7-8 days for that).
      7. New serial number does NOT work.
      8. They informed me that there is nothing wrong with the serial number.

      I dont know whats wrong with my laptop (its brand new Vista!)

      I tried a lot of things that technical support told (like running clean up tools etc). Nothing worked.

      Please help

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi there HD12345

          I've alerted some behind the scenes folks at Adobe. Let's hope they can get things going for you.

          Hang in there... Rick
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            Steve Cordero Adobe Employee
            So there are probably one of two things that could have happened:

            Scenario #1:
            You upgraded to TCS 1.3 and got a new serial number. However the serial number is NOT for TCS 1.3 BUT instead it’s for Acrobat 9.0 Pro Extended only. The intention here is that you would only have to upgrade the Acrobat portion of the installation for TCS. [edit] If you still have the TCS 1.0 media you can install that first without Acrobat and then install Acrobat 9.0 Pro Extended.

            Scenario #2:
            You upgraded to TCS 1.3 and got the wrong media. Unlikely but nothing is impossible.

            Not sure of course but give it a try and let the forum know.

            Also could you send an email to me at ocatave [at] yahoo.com.
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              thuy hanhn38386332

              Same here. installation issue. please help

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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                You give no information about what the installation issue is so no one on the forum can help. You haven't even told us what version of RoboHelp you are trying to install.


                Installation support from Adobe is free so you can get direct support from Adobe rather than user to user support here on the forum.


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