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    Multiple Engines

      Let me try to explain what we want to do so that hopefully somoene can help me.

      Our technical staff would like their documentation and help available to them ONLY. The end users would only need to see the user documentation and the technical staff would see the user documentation; plus their own.

      I have one Engine and I'm merging all the projects (only user documetnation at this time) together. How can I incorporate the technical documentation, and have ONLY the technical staff view it? Do I need multiple Engines?

      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Vick. By "documentation" are you referring to the end product (e.g. CHM, webhelp) or the actual source files. If the former, this can easily be accomplished by assigning a build tag to the technical staff topics and using this tag when generating the end user help to exclude those topcis with it assigned. When generating the technical staff documentation you don't use any build tags and by default include all the topics. Is this what you mean?
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            jernivl Level 1
            I think we are on the same page here. But, what I don't understand is how will the system know who is a technical person and who is an end user after the tags have been used? Sorry for my ignorance! I'm still VERY green!

            I really appreciate your feedback!

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              johndaigle Level 4
              Hi, Vick.
              I gather by "Engine" you're referring to the RoboEngine and you are publishing WebHelp Pro to the server. Colum certainly has the right idea as far as tagging the content in the manner he describes. This, of course yields two websites.

              You can publish both sites to a single RoboEngine but they cannot be merged in the scenario you describe. (The Web Administrator would uncheck the "Automatically merge projects" box in the Configuration Manager application for the RoboEngine.) Note, that even though the auto merging is turned off, you can still retain the benefit of merging your "user documentation" site by continuing to use the Master merging process already in place.

              That said, the cleanest way to manage the two sites would be to use two RoboEngine licenses.

              Either alternative requires cooperation with your Web Administrator to install a Login/Password dialog to the website for your technical staff.

              Hope this helps (and hope I understood the question!)