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    Color of links not changing when clicked

    Jason Barr
      Hello. I am doing a site change as a favor for a friend. I got the flash files. added the link that was needed. But the transition color change in the links does not work, also, the link rollover color change does not work. The rollovers were not created as button symbols, but were designed as movie symbols and have code that tell it when the movie is rolled over. I looked at the code and it looks like everything is set right, but it still does not work correctly. I think the last person who worked on the file worked iused a previous version of flash and I think that may be the problem. I have flash 8. I only know a little about actionscript and this is above my head. I would appreciate any help. The file I worked on is located at http://www.paulahian.com/paulahian.zip. The rollovers working correctly are located at www.paulahian.com.

      Thanks for your help.