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    Revive RoboHelp for FrameMaker

      I am interested in knowing how many people out there remember RoboHelp for FrameMaker (RHF) and how many are interested in reviving it. It was an excellent, easy-to-use extension of RoboHelp that made it really easy to publish FrameMaker in a number of on-line help formats. It was abruptly forced to EOL when Macromedia bought eHelp. Its users/supporters made a valiant effort to save it, but it was so new there wasn't a huge user base yet and it never got the chance to develop the following it would have. It was the easiest way to create full-featured on-line help systems that has yet been devised, and I would like to open a dialog about reviving it.

      Now that Adobe Systems has acquired Macromedia, it makes sense to revisit the issue of reviving RHF.

      If you are interested at all, please forward this information to other FrameMaker users.


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          I would be very interested in seeing RoboHelp for FrameMaker revived. I have been trying to use RoboHelp Office X5 with my FrameMaker user guide for weeks and have run in to nothing but problems. I've tried importing the .mif files, but it's inconsistent and doesn't allow me to update the graphics. I've also tried RoboHelp's other suggestion which is converting the FrameMaker documents to Word documents first. I was surprised that they are encouraging use of a competitor's software (if I just write in Word I skip a step). I'm also surprised they know their software so little. FrameMaker has never converted to Word well and usually blows up somewhere in the process. I've also tried finding answers to my FrameMaker/RoboHelp questions in forums, but it seems that there aren't too many people trying this because I haven't found or received any answers to my questions and have hardly found anything relating to .mif and RoboHelp.

          Sorry for the rant, but I have just been very disappointed in this process when it used to be so easy to create and maintain online help using FrameMaker documents.
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            MergeThis Level 4
            I see you're both newbies, so you're probably not aware that the subject has been discussed already in several threads, and that the Search function in this forum works very well. (I just verified it by searching "Framemaker" across all forums.)

            Come back with anything that might still be unclear.

            Good luck,
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi all

              In addition to Leon's fine words, it should also be noted that Adobe doesn't make it a habit of frequenting these forums. So if you really want to gain the ear of Adobe on this matter, consider letting them know.

              Okay, I'm stumped Mr. Man. How do I let them know?

              I'm so happy you asked! You click the link below to visit the WishForm!

              Click here to visit the WishForm

              Cheers... Rick
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                Burtin Level 1
                Thanks, Leon and Rick.

                It never hurts sometimes to state the obvious (or in this case, ask).