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    RoboHelp and ClearCase integration


      Could anybody suggest me the steps or provide url on how to integrate RoboHelp with ClearCase?

      What i am looking for:

      Open the RH project from ClearCase.
      Modify the files.
      Save the modified project back to ClearCase

      Pls suggest...
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          MergeThis Level 4
          I don't think "integration" is possible; perhaps "detente" is the best to hope for. I'd run some tests with copies of your project first, especially if multiple writers are involved. Also, for a RoboHelp project, do not add the HHP, CPD, PSS, and LDB files to source control.

          The process for any source control product is this:

          1) Your IT peeps assign licensed privileges to you.
          2) You create a directory in source control that will map to your project directory.
          3) You add your source files to source control.
          4) You check out files, edit them, and check them in.
          5) When you add files in your project, add them in source control.
          6) When you delete files in your project, you normally delete them from source control first.
          7) Generate your output to an entirely different directory (not the default !SSL! directory under the project). Actually, I recommend this whether using source control or not!

          Good luck,