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    Autotext isssue

      When I record movies no autotext is appearing any more. It has in the past and is now not working on any movies I make. I have check my settings and it is in demo mode with key logging turned on any suggestions would be appricated
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          CatBandit Level 3
          There is some confusion with your post, Joshwl. By "autotext" do you mean the automatically inserted Text-Captions, or do you mean the recording of your keyboard "Typing"?

          Options for both are located on the dialog at "Options > Recording Options".

          Also, you say you have "key logging" turned on ... since keystroke logging is an internal (and invisible) function of Captivate, do you mean (again) the option in "Options > Recording Options > Record Keystrokes"?

          As soon as we know we are talking about the same things, I'm hopeful you'll find the help you need here.
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            Joshwl Level 1
            Im talking about the auto text captions, and the key logging is the one on the options menu screen
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              CatBandit Level 3
              Hi Joshwl,
              Okay, thanks for trying, but there really is no mention of key logging anywhere on my "Options" menu or sub-menus.

              Do you have a different localization installed, perhaps the German version (mine is English)? If you have the English localization also, can you tell me precisely where you see the words "key logging"?

              It's important that we get on the same page on this ... there is no way myself or anyone else can help you unless we are seeing the same thing and describing it by its proper (or al least a common) name. Thanks for trying again to explain what you are seeing, and where you are seeing it . . .