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    Library of character motion

    Giuseppe Muccioli
      I've a simple question (I hope)
      I'm trying to create a simple character controlled via an ActionScript 3.0 application.
      Using Flash 9 Public Alpha it's possible to define a movieclip with a series of motion of a character (like "walking", "running", "talking"...) using a set of frame loop?
      For example:
      - frame 1, label "walking"; frame 1-10 graphics of walking character loop; frame 10 gotoAndPlay("walking");
      - frame 20, label "running"; frame 20-30 graphics of running character loop; frame 20 gotoAndPlay("running");
      - etc.

      For now, what can I see is all movieclip frame in sequence in the final application without gotoAndPlay() effects.
      It's non possible to do?
      Can I add some frame script at runtime using actionscript 3.0?
      Thanks a lot