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    About validators

    dimival Level 1
      Hello, i have the following question:
      I have a Form with many different components whose values need a validation. I already have declared my validators and when i try to submit the form i validate them all. The thing is that when i tested it, i left 2 components empty so the validators should mark those two components as empty but only one appears in red (the first one which was called to make its validation), so my question is: is it possible for more than one component to be marked in red at the same time?

      Also, i read the documentation and it has a lot of examples for validating TextInput components, but what if i want to validate a combo box selection or some other kind of component?
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          peterent Level 2
          For both of your questions you need to write a custom validator. Validation of ComboBoxes, DateFields, etc. is very possible, its just that there are too many possibilties of what it means for them to be "valid" that we didn't write any and left that up to you.

          Follow the examples of writing a custom validator and once you get the hang of it you'll see how to apply it to the other controls.