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    Popups - IE vs Firefox

    Jinglesthula Level 1
      I have a Flex app that uses the PopupManager class to display various objects as popups. When I run the app in IE the popups display just fine. However, running it in Firefox causes the popups not to render fully. I have Flash Player 9 installed on both browsers. My code looks something like this:

      PopUpManager.addPopUp(my_component, this, modal);

      In IE the popup renders and centers. In Firefox the background of the popup renders, sized correctly, but in the upper left corner of the browser. None of the rest of the component or its contents (children) render at all either. The component happens to be a TitleWindow which has an X in the upper right for closing the popup, but in FF that of course isn't there so there is no way for the user to close the popup without reloading the app.

      I'm not sure if there's a bug with Player 9 or not, but if anyone has run across this problem or knows something I can try, please do share. Thanks.