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    Hyperlinks Are Not Functioning Correctly

      I have a problem with the some of the hyperlinks in my WebHelp Pro project not functioning correctly once the project is compiled. What happens is that when I click on a hyperlink the text doesn't change from blue to purple. Not all the hyperlinks on a page are affected; some may work while others do not.

      When I look at the HTML code, I see two different things happening, and both things may not occur in the same code:

      1) In some documents the code reads "a visited=0000ff." The value should be 800080.

      2) In other documents "font color=blue" is being added to the HTML code for a particular hyperlink. Other hyperlink code in the same document may be unaffected.

      I have checked the font color in the editor to make sure it was set to "automatic" before I created the hyperlink. I removed the hyperlinks altogether, recompiled, then opened the document back up and recreated the hyperlinks. The problem still exists. Every document in my project is using the default.css style sheet. I use the same paragraph style throughout the project, both on the links that work correctly and those that do not.

      Has anyone ever experienced this problem? And if so, do you know the fix? I could manually edit the HTML code before publishing my project, but that is just a bandaid fix.
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          The hyperlink color is controlled by the style sheet. I edit my style sheets in a text editor. Make sure you clear your browser history before testing the color changes.

          FWIW, I like my links to stay blue--I usually have the color change to purple in hover just to indicate that what is moused is indeed a viable link.