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    QuickTime Mask Disappears

      I am using Director MX2004 with latest 10.1 update
      Windows XP Pro sp2
      QuickTime 7.1
      ATI Graphics with latest update
      New Dell computer with latest BIOS
      Videos are MP4 QuickTimes compressed with H.264 codec

      I have a series of QuickTime files, all have a mask. I apply the mask using both
      on beginSprite me
      end beginSprite


      on prepareFrame
      end prepareFrame

      I started with just the beginSprite and then when things went wrong, I added the prepareFrame.

      The QuickTime videos will always start with the mask OK. Then sometimes, in the middle of the playback the mask will disappear and the video will show through everywhere. When this happens, I also get a florescent green vertical line at the right edge of the video.

      This does not happen with any regularity or to any specific video.

      Does anyone have any thoughts?

      Thanks in advance for the help.