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    Time-Series in charts

      Hello everyone,
      Being new to flash/flex/actionscript, I have a hard time doing what I would like to do and hope to get some help from you.

      I'd like to generate a <mx:ColumnChart/> where the x-axis is a <mx:DateTimeAxis/> and would display only data points that are only within X minutes to the past (for example, only display data points for the last 15 minutes). The chart dataProvider get updated every 30 seconds or so through a HttpService.

      I could not seem to find a flavor of DateTimeAxis or Timebased data collection that would automatically eliminate data points that are older than X minutes.

      To achieve this, I currently have to set a timer in the application, which on every tick will trigger invocation of a function that would traverse the dataProvider and manually eleminate that data points that has xField value (the time value) older than 15 minutes and trigger the chart re-rendering.

      Please help advise me a any other cleaner way to perform what I would like to do.