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    Tech destroyed my admin rights


      I had problems connecting to a new server, and called a tech in. He turned me into a content owner.

      When I try to make myself the adminstrator (though the connection says there isn't one), it prompts me for a password, which I did not have.

      Please Help!
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          Christyb Level 1

          I found the answer! How to remove the Contribute administrator password The administration features of Macromedia Contribute 3 are protected by a password that is selected by the Contribute Administrator. If the administrator is unavailable, the password can be removed and a Contribute user can select a new password. The password is stored in the Contribute configuration (hub) file on the web server, so the current password must be removed from the file.
          The following steps describe the general steps required for removing the password. The specific process of editing the configuration file or transferring the file to and from the server is not listed, since the process differs for different connection types.
          1. Launch Contribute
          2. Remove the site connection in Contribute (Windows platforms) Edit > My Connections
          3. Quit Contribute
          4. Connect to the server, and on the server, locate the Contribute configuration file for the site. The file should be located and named as indicated by the following line:
          [ site root ]/_mm/cthub[ random 16 characters ].csi
          5. Copy the file to your machine
          6. Open the hub file in Notepad or other text editor
          7. Look for these two lines in the hub file (should be in the first few lines in the file):

          <admin_password value='[random characters]' />
          <admin_password_salt value='[random characters]' />
          8. Delete the random characters but leave the quotes, as follows:

          <admin_password value='' />
          <admin_password_salt value='' />
          9. Save and close the hub file
          10. Put the hub file back on the server
          11. Launch Contribute
          12. Create a Connection to the site manually - do not use a connection key
          Choose the Administrator role, and complete the connection
          13. Administer the site: (Windows platforms) Edit > Administer Websites
          14. In the Administration settings, set the Administrator email address and the Administrator password
          15. Save the settings
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            Don't know if you still access the User Forums but can I just tell you that you ROCK!!!
            I went through changing the Admin process/password on my IIS server and it worked beautifully!

            Thanks from one webchick to another!!