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    Cross Domain Policy Issues

      Background: I created a flash game in Flash 7 (and recently updated to Flash 8 features) that loaded levels via XML from my university's web servers where I have my website (and a copy of the game). I have uploaded this game to a website called Kongregate (the YouTube for flash games) and things have been pretty smooth. The game, for either your testing or enjoyment, can be found here at Kongregate and here at my university hosted site.

      However, recently I’ve started having issues with Cross Domain Policy files.

      My game when played in Flash Player 9 or lower (and still compatible with the version it was made in) can load these levels just fine. I have a cross domain policy file on the university host that allows flash to load those XML level files. However, since, I’d guess the release of Flash Player 10 (I’ve had this issue on Kongregate for some time now) my game has been unable to load it’s levels. Anyone using Flash Player 10 can not play my game, as the game is unable to load the level files (and oddly doesn't print the error that is occurring, despite a robust error handling segment). I am unable to verify the loading of the cross domain policy file because System.security.loadPolicyFile() returns nothing. Through rigorous testing I was able to determine that the level files are not being loaded at all: Once I was able to get an old version of the game to display the error it was having I was getting a "File could not be loaded." A newer version (flash 8 features) will still simply fail to display the error (the dynamic text box remains blank, which can only occur if the file is completely loaded and there are no errors in reading it--however this is impossible as it will also jump to the error screen (mutually exclusive options), or if I disable that, not play the level--don't make the stupid "are you sure it's the same text box" question, yes I'm sure).

      Does anyone know what’s changed in version 10 and how to fix this problem?