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    POST back to application

      I need to post a response back to an application, I was given ASP code, but not sure how I use CF to accomplish this. Any help would be great.
      Thanks! TIm
      Transaction Status Post Page:
      Dim OrderID
      Dim ReturnCode
      Dim ReturnCodeMessage
      Dim AuthResponseCode
      Dim AuthResponseMessage
      Dim ApprovalCode
      Dim ZipMatch
      Dim CVVResult
      Dim AmountApproved
      Dim CardType

      Dim OrderID = Request.Form("OrderID")
      Dim ReturnCode = Request.Form("ReturnCode")
      Dim ReturnCodeMessage = Request.Form("ReturnCodeMessage")
      Dim AuthResponseCode = Request.Form("AuthorizationResponseCode")
      Dim AuthResponseMessage = Request.Form("AuthorizationResponseMessage")
      Dim ApprovalCode = Request.Form("ApprovalCode")
      Dim ZipMatch = Request.Form("ZipMatch")
      Dim CVVResult = Request.Form("CVVResult")
      Dim AmountApproved = Request.Form("AmountApproved")
      Dim CardType = Request.Form("CardType")

      If (ReturnCode = "0") then
      If (AuthResponseCode = "A") then
      Transaction was successful
      Transaction was declined
      Check AuthResponseCode
      End if
      Check ReturnCodeMessage
      End If

      ‘Sending the response back to PCI.