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    Pop-up Menus need tweaking

    Opera Rat Level 1
      I've used Gary Rosenzweig's script from "Using Director MX" for a drop down menu. He uses the property pPressed to test if the mouse button is held down in order to open and select menu items. So it's a drag-and-let-go menu. I would like it to function like the Dropdown list behavior in the library. Only I want to use sprites and not a field. That behavior closes the pop-up window if you click on the stage outside of the pop-up. It opens the pop-up with a click and allows the user to make a choice with a click. If anyone is familiar with Gary's script how would I modify it to do these events with a mouse click instead of by the state of the mouse button (down or up)? There must be a way to determine if the mouse was clicked outside the dropdown and then close it.