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    Radio Buttons focus as group, not individually

    jpwrunyan Level 1
      Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like RadioButtons now focus by group instead of individually. In Flex 1.5, when you tabbed through RB's, each button would "drawFocus" (the highlight) but in Flex 2.0, only the default or selected RB will do this and if you press tab again, focus jumps over the other RB's in the group to the next component (or RadioButtonGroup).

      To test this, put a list of RB's in an application. Then end with TextInput (or whatever):

      <!-- this is one group -->
      <mx:RadioButton selected="true" />
      <mx:RadioButton />
      <mx:RadioButton />

      <mx:TextInput />

      now, if you tab through, you will see what I mean. Problem is: I want to tab each button in the group--not the group as a whole! I am getting buggy behavior in my 2.0 components that was not present in 1.5 and I suspect I can fix it if I revert to 1.5 focus policy. Is this possible? Is there some property I have overlooked? Has anyone else had this problem?
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          In Flex 2.0, Radiobuttons get focused by group. If you want to navigate the ragiobuttons of the same group you need to use arrow keys. Arrow keys changes the radio buttons selection. If you just want to move focus among the radio buttons then you can use ctrl key + arrow keys.

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            jpwrunyan Level 1
            Yeah, that was what I was afraid of.
            I was hoping I might be able to get the arrow key functionality of RadioButtons with the tab interaction of CheckBox. As is, I have gone to CheckBoxes and made an event handler to make them mutually exclusive.

            By the way, if there is no RB in the group with selected="true" then they do focus individually, not as a group. Not exactly helpful, but interesting.