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    CF App Generation and problems with default values

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      While the CF App Generation wizard is great for DB apps, there is a major
      flaw in the way null values are handled.
      I understand that this happens because of differences in the way Flex/CF
      handles (or doesn't) null values, however this is not an excuse.

      There is an absolute need to handle the setting of foreign key columns to
      null. Currently the values default to 0 and this causes ref. int. contraint
      problems during insert and updates because generally speaking 0 is not used
      as a primary key in lookup tables. One hacky way around this is to insert a
      special 0 value in to all lookup tables - this 0 value would have the same
      meaning as null, but this solves the problem with only foreign key fields.

      What happens with regular non-string columns that just can't use 0 as a
      default value?

      I love flex and had hoped that this issue would have been addressed by the
      RTM of 2.0, but it's not.
      I need a really good solution for this. Any ideas?