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    Website timeframes

      I am an after-hours-lots-of-books-and-forums Flash learner, and while I can put together basic sites easily, the beautiful complex site almost send me to despair. Roughly how many hours (and people) do the good sites take from briefing to going live and over what time period? I'm guessing Flash applications using Flex are a completely different kettle of fish altogether so I mean the type of sites that use Flash alone.
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          Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2
          Do you mean how many hours does creating a complex website take? hope I understood you well.
          I think it is vary from project to project and from a designer to another. Just start and see how much does you take to finish such project and keep a timing table for your works. After few projects you will find yourself working faster and got a timing to your projects.

          Hope this helps