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    difference between enterState and currentStateChange?

      i learned the help. but still confused!
      what's difference of enterState ,exitState and currentStateChange,currentStateChanging ?
      i know the currentStateChange and currentStateChanging , when i set currentState="", i can catch the event of currentStateChange and currentStateChanging.
      but how and when i could catch the event of enterState and exitState ?

      in a test, i catch the exitState only once.
      in that test i wrote the exitState and enterState event in Application. published, i found that i only catch once of the exitState event when i change the Application's currentState, and only once, after that,whatever i change the currentState, i can not catch exitState event again, and i did NOT catch enterState once all the time.

      so why? where should i use enterState and exitState?
      thank you!