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    Web services and High Ascii characters

      Hello Everyone

      I have a problem regarding webservices and sending high ascii characters.
      My little application consists of two files: one is cfm that makes a view and the second is cfc that might be working as the component or web service.

      The goal of the application is to handle text files, divide them according to some rules and then send back to the user.
      Sometimes the text file contains few high ascii characters. Everything works fine as long as the cfc is called as the component. Unfortunately when I call the cfc as the webservice I get an error:

      The web service operation caused an invocation exception.The root cause was that: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The char '0x1' in 'java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: and so on....

      faultCode: { http://xml.apache.org/axis/}HTTP
      faultString: (500)Internal Server Error
      {}:return code: 500

      Do you know how can I solve my problem? I've tried different stuff with encoding but it didn't work.
      Thanks for all answers.