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    Editing image

      I imported a jpg image into Flash MX. Is there any way I can edit it? I mean erase smth from it and etc. I know I can do transformations but thats not enough. When I try to erase with erase tools nothing happens, as if the image is not editable. Maybe I'm doing smth wrong? I tried the same with psd format.
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          Nickels55 Level 2
          Edit the original file on your harddrive using photoshop and re-save it, then open Flash. Go to your library and find the image that you just adjusted, right-click on it and select properties. Click on the update button and the image will be updated with your changes.
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            tautvis Level 1
            You didn't understand, I want to edit it in FLASH MX. Now I tried using simple brush tool on the image and it works, but erase tool doesn't...