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    Stops Recording

      I'm creating a new Captivate.
      I click Record full screen and capture several screens.
      I stop recording
      I click Record and capture several more screens.
      I stop recording
      I click Record and it no longer will capture it just closes back to the Captivate Program.
      I close and reopen - still won't record.
      If I wait several minutes or open another application in between - or reboot it fixes the problem.
      Has anyone else experienced this?
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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hello twindsor,

          Many users have experienced problems when attempting to capture in full screen recording mode. Personally, I would recommend that you consider choosing the Custom Size option instead. If this isn't something you are prepared to do, then try the following:

          1. Reduce monitor color depth from Highest 32 bit to Medium 16 bit
          2. Reduce the screen resolution to 800 x 600

          To do this:
          a) Right-click on your Desktop,
          b) Choose Properties
          c) From the Display Properties sheet, select the Settings tab
          d) Reduce the color quality and screen res. as outlined above



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