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    Behavior or Actionscript?

    newTween Level 1
      On my over state of my buttons, I want a movieclip symbol of the content for that button to show up in the middle of my
      content area. As you move to other buttons on over, the other content shows. All the content will be displayed in the same spot
      each time on over state.

      Would it be best to do that as a behavior or actionscript. What script or behavior would work for that?
        • 1. Behavior or Actionscript?
          abeall Level 3
          Behaviors are pre-defined Actionscripts.

          There are a lot of ways you could do what you are describing. Here's one: try making a MovieClip with 1 frame for every button you have. On each frame put the text you want to display when the button is over it. On frame 1 of the MoveClip, put this script:
          _visible = false;
          Give the MovieClip and instance name of "buttonInfo_mc". Then put on a button:
          buttonInfo_mc._visible = true;
          buttonInfo_mc._visible = false;

          Then just change the frame number in gotoAndStop(1) for each button. And, seeing as your name is newTween, you could experiement with using the Tween class to fade in and out the buttonInfo_mc rather than just toggling the _visible.