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    flash mx

    jagguy99 Level 1
      I have flash 8 prof and I want to know what the difference is bewteen flash 8 and flash mx. The reason is when following tutorials or books the code is usually in flash mx, so is this going to be messy when learning on flash 8.

      eg sprite/game stuff i am looking at.
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          Rothrock Level 5
          No difference in coding between Flash 8 pro and Flash 8 – well except some of the fancy multimedia stuff won't work in Flash 8 basic. Since you have 8pro that won't be a problem for you.

          There were quite a few things that changed between MX and MX04 (also known as Flash 6 and 7 respectively). Most MX things will work just fine in Flash 8, but often there is an easier or quicker way now-a-days.

          Make sure that capitalization is correct and don't try to increment variables before they have been defined.