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    Component Display Problem

      I've got a movie clip that I'm dynamically loading another movie into so I can make use of a scroller I built using masks and an empty movie clip.

      This movie that's being loaded into the empty movie clip to be scrolled, has several components in it. Such as drop down menus, text areas, and numeric steppers.

      It loads in fine and displays fine except for this: The components data text is not being displayed in the .swf when I run it.

      If you click the drop down menu, for one example, you can see the data fields to choose from but once you choose one it's blank in the display area. The numeric stepper and the text area are just blank and you can't put anything into them no matter what.

      Is this problem occuring because I have movie clips embedded into movie clips, and components can't deal with that?

      I'm at a loss. Any ideas?