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    Help with assemblers

    dimival Level 1
      Can anyone explain me how the dataservice component and the java assemblers work???
      Do they substitute Cairngorm??
      Where can i find a tutorial on how to use them??? (apart from the Developer's Guide)
      Do i need to have a servicedata component for each datagrid whose data comes from a Java method in my application???

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Perhaps someone else will, but I do not understand your question. However I am neither much of a Java guy, nor a Cairngorm user.

          Would you like to try again? A little more specificity, perhaps, or a use-case?

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            dimival Level 1
            I have a catalog of users, which consists of:
            - A DataGrid displaying all the user in the database
            - A Form to capture a new user or to modify an existing one
            - Buttons for deleting, inserting and updating.

            Actions that you can perform:
            - You can insert a new user by filling in the Form and then submiting it.
            - You can edit a user by selecting it from the DataGrid (the Form refreshes in order to show the values of the selectedItem) and then submiting the form to save the changes.
            - You can delete a user by selecting it from the DataGrid and then pressing the button for deleting.

            This catalog gets its data from a Java object which i access using the Cairngorm framework.

            I read in the Developer's guide about DataServices components (chapters 50 and 51) which can access a Java Object (called Assembler) and that it is associated with an ArrayCollection. DataServices components manage all the operations of its associated ArrayCollection (insert, delete, get, update, fill, etc) by calling methods of the Assembler which can access a DB, a Hibernate Service, a EJB, etc.

            According to what i read, Cairngorm is not necessary when using these DataServices components., so my question is how do i use these DataServices components??? I need some kind of tutorial because Developer's Guide is not that clear. Also what happens if a have more than one catalog? Will i be needing one DataService, one Assembler for each catalog?? Finally how do DataServices integrate with Spring or EJB?

            Hope this is clearer, you can also read chapters 50 and 51 of the Developer's guide