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    revealing white box behind text on rollover

      Hi all,

      First let me say I am new to Director. I have only done a few projects that consist of a main menu with a few buttons that open up PPT's and PDF's. Very basic stuff that I have been able to figure out.

      Now my job has a new project that has a main menu that will link to other Director movies. What the client wants, and I can't seem to figure out is this: The buttons on the main menu are text. When the cursor moves over the text the client wants a white box (rectangle) to appear behind the text as a highlight. When the cursor leaves the text the white box will dissappear.

      Any help on how I can acomplish this would be appreciated. Thanks.

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          Hi Chris,

          If each text item is it's own cast member, then you might be able to
          just change the ink on rollover. Go from background trasparent to copy.
          If the each of these text buttons is not a member of it's own, then you
          could create another bitmap member and move it in to position behind the
          text sprite on rollover and move it away on roll out. You could set up
          the loc for each text button's white box and then use that to move the
          white box sprite. A third method would be to make each of the text
          button as a bitmap and then make another version with the white
          surround. Then its just a simple member change. Remember, just because
          it should look like text, doesn't mean that it actually has to be a text

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert