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    Vision Airlines
      I've been trying for a while now to get DaoFlex to work. I keep getting BUILD FAILED when trying to run as an Ant Build and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. The download doesn't come with very good instructions on getting started from scratch. Anyone here get it to work? Is it worth it?
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          sanclementetech Level 1
          I read thru it and I am not sold yet. I have not tried it. Currently I am using Spring/Hibernate and writing my own actionscript classes.
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            I have it working. You don't say what kind of error you are getting. I ran into a few eclipse configuration issues, but otherwise it was fairly straightforward, and seems to work as advertised, although I am still in the early stages.

            I will see what it is capable of... In general I like the idea. I actually wrote a very similar utility for flex 1.5.....It may be very useful for generating a quick skelton application, and thus save much tedious typing.

            My biggest beef is that this is something that Adobe should be including and supporting in flex. I am not too keen using something that will break with the next adobe release.....

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              Please feel free to direct all DaoFlex support questions to support@faratasystems.com or directly to me: vrasputnis@faratasystems.com.

              Actually DaoFlex is a reincarnation of the project we originally had for Java, then, since 2002 it has been serving for our AJAX-WebServices, now we suited it for Flex. It is working in all these forms now, so chances that it will be discontinued are very slim.
              Let me put it this way: we will discontinue DaoFlex only when SQL will be discontinued :)

              Kind Regards,
              Victor Victor